Get a Free Nintendo Switch for Christmas with EE

November 18, 2020

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Black Friday is just around the corner with more great deals coming ever year. This year, however, you can get a Free Nintendo Switch with EE. The best part is that it’s free and easy to do. Unlike other companies, EE has decided that it would be best to give a Nintendo Switch with their phones rather than extra data bundles, and we can’t agree more.

EE has outdone the rest of its competitors this year, offering free gadgets with a lot of phone contact. Some of the other products you can get are Free AirPods or a Free TV but the option that we like the most is the free Nintendo Switch.

If you want to get the gaming console you either need to take out a phone contract with the Oppo A72 or the Oppo Find X2 Lite. The contracts start at £35 a month, which we think is a great deal with the console.

If you want to know more about the deals read below:

OPPO A72: 

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Starting with the first deal, you can get an Oppo A72 with EE. This deal comes with a £30 upfront cost. 10GB’s worth of data, which is plenty for the average customer, unlimited minutes and texts. The contract itself is £35 per month which is only for the phone, the bonus with this is you get the Nintendo Switch for free.

The best bit about this deal is that it’s the perfect starting phone for someone who’s never had a touch screen before. The other bonus is that this is with EE, which is a brilliant network for signal strength and you get 10GB of data which on other networks, would cost a lot to have anyway.


If you want to look up this deal you can go here.


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The second deal you can get a Nintendo Switch with is the Oppo Find X2 Lite. This deal is very similar to the first deal however, it does cost more. With a £30 upfront cost, 10GB’s of Data, unlimited calls and texts the Find X2 Lite is another great phone for those of you who want a new touch screen phone. EE is selling the phone for £41 per month, and it comes with 5G capabilities.

You can look up this deal here.

Get a switch with Virgin: 

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    If you don’t fancy getting a phone with EE or just don’t like the OPPO brand, you can get a free Nintendo Switch with Virgin. They are offering the Huawei P30 Lite with 1GB of data, no upfront cost for only £22 per month. The bonus is that you can get this deal and still receive your free Nintendo Switch. The deal is great however, 1 GB of data on a 36-month contract may be difficult for those of you who often use data. You can up the data but this will increase the cost, which could be off-putting.


    To view this deal click here.


    So if you are looking for a brand new phone and haven’t yet got a Nintendo Switch, this deal may be for you. The EE deal is on one of the UK’s most popular networks which not only does 4g but also has 5G capabilities.


    The other advantage to picking up this deal is that you get BT sport, Bribox, Apple Music, Apple TV and other exclusive deals all with EE. Unlike Tesco or Giffgaff, EE will also let you use Wi-Fi Calling and give you discounts on EE broadband.

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