How to make Horizon your main on Apex Legends

November 10, 2020

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Apex Legends is coming up to its 2nd anniversary, from its release on the 4th of February 2019. Since then the game has introduced 7 new Legends, the latest being Horizon, the Gravitational Manipulator.

Who is Horizion?

Her real name is Dr Mary Somers and she’s 37 years old (Give or take an extra 88 years…). She comes from the Homeworld Psamathe and has three abilities, Gravity Lift (tactical ability), Spacewalk (Passive Ability) and Black Hole (Ultimate Ability).

Is she for me? 

Horizon is a good character if you’re a fan of Octane and Pathfinder, thanks to her great movement abilities she will become one of the most used movement Legends in Apex. Since Horizon is such a good movement character the guide below will explain some ways to use the Gravity lift and how it can help you reach number 1.

The Gravity Lift:

 The gravity lift is basically as it says in the name. It has a vortex which pulls you in, before sending you miles into the sky.

What you may not know about the Gravity lift is that the way you enter the lift can change how quickly you push upwards or boost out of the lift. In addition to this, the direction that you press before exiting the lift is where you will boost from.

An example is to throw the Gravity lift at your feet, which will throw you airborne and into a straight direction.

The advantage to Gravity lift, over Octane’s jump pad, is that you can instantly get air, rather than waiting those extra few seconds for an ability.

Rather than getting a straight upwards motion, you can get distance with the Gravity lift by sliding before dropping the gravity lift at your feet. This will propel you forwards.


If you want a quick exit strategy, you can use the gravity boost by throwing it at your feet, and making a 180 turn before, leaping into the air to get away from an enemy.

    Bonus tip:

     When you’re in the gravity boost, your accuracy will remain the same as if you were standing on the ground and shooting. This will allow you to get some pretty awesome shots, whether it’s with a sniper, Peacekeeper or R-99. If you want to shoot in mid-air, you will need to pull down to work against that upward motion.

    Due to the gravity boost being a visibility blocker, you may want a Digi threat to see through it, making it even easier to get a kill whilst in mid-air.

    Staying Alive:

    Remember when you are the top of the stream, you are prone to damage. Although it’s a good high point, you will still want to strafe to avoid receiving damage.


      Horizon is a great character if you love movement speed. Her tactical ability combined with the passive ability will make some great choices for late gameplay.


      If you want an in-depth guide on how to use the Gravity lift, make sure to head over to the Gaming Merchant YouTube channel where he dives into a great Horizon Lesson.

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