Apples Latest iPhone 12 – A good or bad phone?

November 9, 2020

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Apple’s not long released the latest of its flagship phones, the iPhone 12. Alongside the iPhone 12 they have also released the iPhone SE, XR, iPhone 11, 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max over the last few years but with so many questions, how do you know which phone is for you?

In this article. we aim to explain, educate and enlighten you into Apple’s latest iPhone 12, in the hopes that you can make a better decision, as to whether the phone is for you.


The latest flagship phone, the iPhone 12 is more expensive than its previous model, the iPhone 11. Coming in at an extra £100, the iPhone 12 which was released October 23rd 2020 will set you back a minimum of £799. Here are the UK and US prices of the iPhone 12: 

  • US: 64GB – $799
  • UK 64GB – £799
  • US 128GB – $849
  • UK 128GB – £849
  • US 256GB – $949
  • UK 256 GB – £949

Although the phone will cost you more to purchase, the reason for this is probably because of its modern 5g capabilities. As well as the expensive price tag the iPhone 12 will also carry many new features.

Spec Improvements: 

  • Battery life

–           Improved battery life from the iPhone 11

–           A14 Bionic chipset optimization

  • Design

–           A Revamped design that feels reminiscent of the iPhone 4

–           New Ceramic Shield will improve phone strength

–           IP68 water and dust resistant, so it’s built to withstand water

  • Display

–           A 6.1-inch display that is clear and crisp

–           Better quality display than the iPhone 11

  • Camera

–           Very similar to the iPhone 11 but with slight changes

–           Rear camera features two 12MP shooters

–           There’s a 12MP front selfie camera


So, based on the short pointers mentioned above, the iPhone 12 has got some serious new features packing in such a small device. What sets it apart from other phones is the colourful OLED display and the new 5G capabilities however, there are some downsides. Specification wise the cameras are very much the same as last years and the battery life, as with all phones could still do with improvement. If you’re an Apple lover we would say go for the phone because the new screen will be great if you’re using the device constantly. If you’re not too fussed about what phone you have, I would personally say wait until a cheaper phone like the iPhone 12 mini is released or go for an older model.

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