Samsung Pay is UK’s future finance

November 8, 2020

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A growing number of people in the UK are more enthusiastic to depend on digital payment resolutions rather than cash. And more than 50% of Brits are considering fresher, simpler ways of handling their investments. According to a fresh survey hired by Samsung Pay. The COVID-19 lockdown era was one of the main motivating forces behind this change in the customer mindset. According to the survey, 46% of Brits are more eager to perform digital payments now than they were ever before. Likewise, 42% of survey applicants claim to have too many cards in their wallets. And 45% are looking for techniques to escape using cash. 31% of Brits are now making payments using mobile payment solutions, and of course, this is good news for Samsung Pay.

What is Samsung’s Pay? 

As consumer approaches change, so does the technology. Launched earlier this year, the Samsung Pay Card, ran by Curve and MasterCard and is a digital solution manufactured for this new age of payment.

This is not an extra bank card to add to the mix. With the Samsung Pay Card, users can move their entire wallet through their Samsung smartphone or smartwatch. With a simple set-up in the Samsung Pay app, consumers can shop with their present debit and credit cards. As well as their loyalty and rewards cards are able to use almost anywhere.

Benefits of Samsung Pay: 

By choosing the Samsung Pay Card, users can enjoy: 

  •  Samsung Pay Card supports all MasterCard and Visa expense cards. Which gives people the accessibility to pay through one app, all from the palm of their hand.

  • From credit cards and debit cards to loyalty and membership cards, Samsung Pay Card eliminates the necessity to move a wallet or purse around. As it offers everything in one, simple to use the app.

  • Samsung Pay Card is a free facility that makes expenses more worthwhile. Moreover, users can earn 5% cash back at And earn many more rewards from a varied choice of dealers.

  • With the exclusive ‘Go Back in Time’ functionality, Samsung Pay Card users can transfer dealings from one card to another after they are finished. Which gives customers more elasticity and control of their payments.

  • For a crystal-clear comprehending of expenses, consumers can see transactions through different cards through the Timeline View in the Curve app, or recent transactions in Samsung Pay, with real-time notifications.

Security issues resolved: 

Even with the will to go digital with their payments. Still, research outcomes show that security is still the main worry for people looking to make the transition. Over half of respondents (54%) confess to worrying about how secure their information is when using digital payment methods. With vault-like security, built upon Samsung Knox and biometric verification methods. Samsung Pay Card offers assurance by guaranteeing every payment stays private, protected, and secure.

Samsung Pay Card is accessible to all Samsung Pay app users. With a simple in-app setup, consumers can use their Samsung Pay Card right away.

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