Nintendo Earns A Triple Profit- Thanks to Covid-19

November 6, 2020


Nintendo is a popular Japanese company particularly known as a gaming beast for its videogames. When the lockdown was imposed, everyone was stuck in their homes bored out of their minds. Due to a lack of entertainment in their lives, a lot of people turned towards video games for fun. This major shift turned into a huge profit for the gaming companies particularly, Nintendo. As per the claims, Nintendo has managed to make a triple profit in less than a year to the end of September.

Sony, a rival of Nintendo also said that the pre-release demand for their new Playstation 5 was much higher than expected.  It means people are enjoying video games, which is good news for gaming companies. 

In such times where most of the businesses are experiencing a decline in their profits, the video gaming industry is booming as who doesn’t love to play games at their homes, all while maintaining social distancing and less risk of getting the deadly virus.

Why are people loving Nintendo Games? 

The sales of the Global industry have reached $10 billion per month since March when the lockdown was imposed. People are loving Nintendo due to two of its famous games:

  • Animal Crossing Games:

One of its famous games that people have loved in quarantine was its Animal crossing games. These games provided the opportunity for the users to interact with each other that too, face to face. Since many people couldn’t meet their friends due to social distancing, they loved meeting them virtually. The sales of these games were recorded at around 26 million.

  • Ring Fit Games:

While some people loved interacting with each other, another huge group of people loved playing the ring fit games and used them as an alternative for their gym activities. Ring Fit adventure has sold about 3.1 million copies till September. Combining with their launch sales, they have been sold around 5.8 million copies since last year.

  • Super Mario 3D and Mario Kart Deluxe:

In just 12 days, there were 5.21 million copies sold of Super Mario 3D All-stars. It was loved by the audience also because it was on sale.  The copies of Nintendo’s top-selling game Mario Kart deluxe was sold around 29 million till September. 

  • Pokemon Sword and Sheild:

Both of these games were also loved by users. Their copies were sold around 19.2 million combined. This made it one of the best-selling pair of Pokemon games after Gold and Silver that was back in 1999.

Switch Consoles Drove higher profit: 

The biggest seller for Nintendo was its Switch Consoles, which was sold around 12.5 million units in six months. These switch software played a key role in the overall profit of Nintendo according to the company.



    The rival companies of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are also launching their Next-generation consoles to compete in the market by next week. However, Nintendo has predicted that they expect the sales of Switch consoles to get up about 24 million from the previous prediction of 19 million.


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